Summing up 2018 (and how about 2019?)

I now close the books for a fantastic year in many senses! 2018 was the year when my profit from betting was bigger than ever, I started a new and really funny job leading an analyst function at an insurance company and above all: a nice family year with everybody healthy and happy. We went on several vacations together (Italy, Switzerland and Fuerteventura). I also managed to make a USA trip (Boston) to watch a couple of NHL games with a friend. Quite intense but really funny!

This blog focus on the betting and there are several positive aspects of my betting in 2018. A short recap of the forecast I did early 2018:

How will 2018 turn out? As I need to strengthen the yield I will need to reduce the number of expected bets, I forecast around 10.000 bets. A bigger wallet will compensate for this, but the turnover wont have the same growth as previously years – I guess around 12 MSEK. . The yield? Hmm … I hope to increase it from 0.6% to 1.0%. In total that would make me 120.000 SEK, equivalent to TWO family vacations (or a small car)!

I only managed to get 1 of 3 right, but still happy…

Lets start with the turnover and its development week by week (accumulated):

I aimed to turn over 12.000.000 SEK (which is approximately 1.170.000 EUR or 1.050.000 GBP) but I only managed to reach 9.700.000 SEK. The reason behind this is that I changed my stakes from 3% of portfolio to 2.5%.

As I have mentioned before I calibrate all my models to hit a yield of 1%. This year I managed to hit that spot on!

And finally the year in terms of profit/loss did better than any previous year, and made me 97.000 SEK (approximately 9.500 EURO or 8.500 GBP). This was below my prediction but still a good result. As long as I can keep my edge in the market I am very happy!

And to round of this summary I need to make some predictions for 2019…. With my new stakes (2.5%) and a bigger capital base for this year I expect to reach 12.000.000 SEK in turnover. Regarding yield I will try to hit 1.0 % this year also. Hopefully I will then be able to add 120.000 SEK to my bank account next year.

Happy new year and see you on the betting markets in 2019!



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