A beautiful view!

Usually I only take a quick look at my bot once or twice a day to make sure that it is up and running. Often I just see a quite boring screen with no action, but when I looked yesterday I saw this:

Following 45 markets, with live bets on at least 13 of them. Most of them still being green at the end of the match, and a total exposure of around 36000 SEK. Did some reflecting yesterday: It would be impossible for me to manually trade all these markets, bot betting makes it possible for me to follow huge amount of markets and therefor it is also sufficient to only have a small edge to see some actual positive change on my bank. I calibrate my models to hit around ROI 101%, a target which I achieve because I have great data and I have excluded markets and situation when building my models. My models are niche models, and they are really good in their niche. I consider this to be the only possibility for me to build successful models, if I would try to model all markets and all live situations I would probably have a poor losing model (being an amateur with limitations in time and money I would be outperformed by the bigger syndicates).

If I were to give you a few tips how to be successful in your model building:

  1. Model one or few markets, and focus on a certain events/situations there.
  2. Settle with a low ROI, and maximize number of bets instead.
  3. Keep your costs low, don’t pay a lot of money for data, software or other. Your profit will vanish!