Big data challenges


As a bot runner I have the wonderful possibility to collect a lot of data. As an analyst I can not say no to data, it is the engine in all of my analysis – and a bigger engine is always better! In practise this means that I collect all available data.

What does it mean? Lets go through some figures:

1. I follow up to 500 matches simultaneously
2. Each match is recorded at least once a minute, during some circumstances they are recorded once every 5 seconds.
3. Every record generates one line and 143 columns with different types of data.


I load all of my main data into one big table (as we speak its about 26 GB big with about 26 million rows).

In my current hardware set up I run into problems now and then. When following a lot of matches (+200) and when many of them are in the 5 seconds update phase the writing of data into the PostgreSQL database is not fast enough. At those times my bot can not write every 5 seconds, sometimes the update frequency drops to 10-15 seconds instead! This is not good enough and I need to improve the performance.

What are my options?

1. Improving my code – Put more advanced routines to handle and write data in the background in my bot code. I am not really a big fan of this as my expertise in coding is on amateur level, but I will try to do some improvements.
2. Rearranging my PostgreSQL database – This I will need to do. I will partly create a new structure, keeping more tables but with smaller size.
3. Upgrading hardware – This I will also do. I don’t think that the problem is in the processor, but rather in the hard disk. So I will change my HDD into a SSD, it writes data much faster.
4. Moving to VPN – Might be an option in the future, if my bot performs OK there are several benefits to not use my basement located home computer any more, such as speed and stability.


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